• Cathy, Leichhardt, NSW

    “Deborah Barit is a very smart lady. Deborah has an uncanny knack at reading the fine print of Selection Criteria and Job Descriptions — she is good at figuring out what an employer is looking for. It’s like she has ESP — with her help in preparing, I found no surprises in a recent interview and I was prepared for every question. Deborah Barit’s book Impressive Interviews gave clear instructions on how to do the “Job Skills” audit, and this exercise really helped me identify which examples of my skills to discuss in interview. The result: I walked out of the interview feeling confident, and that I had done my best to win the job.”
  • Sean, Neutral Bay, NSW

    “Thank you very much for your learned teaching and patience. It certainly made a significant difference for me.”
  • Jordi, Caulfield, Victoria

    “The book is a great idea and is really a fantastic career achievement! Where will it be available? I have been telling a lot of my friends who have applied for graduate programs about you and would love to be able to suggest the book for them!”
  • Ana, Balmain, NSW

    “I unequivocally recommend Deborah’s assistance in finding employment. When helping me re-write my CV, Deborah asked the pertinent questions that revealed information about myself I had left out and was in fact important. I find interviews the most daunting process of applying for a job. I need to prepare what I am going to say in advance because when I get nervous I can’t think properly and leave out information.

    “Deborah helped me prepare for this situation by asking me questions that might be asked in the interview and I had to think of the responses. This helped immensely, and once in the interview this preparation was invaluable. I did not feel as nervous when asked questions that in fact Deborah had predicted would be asked. Her knowledge of the process of selecting employees gave me the edge on paper and in person to successfully find employment in the publishing industry.”

  • Con, Neutral Bay, NSW

    “Thank you for your incredible work to supply me with a resumé. You have the ability to extract all my demonstrated talents from myself, even some I did not realise I had, and put them into a super impressive document.

    “The application letter that accompanied my resumé was extremely effective. It complemented my resumé perfectly, and more importantly made me stand out. There were more than 450 applications and only 15 people received a first interview. I was one of those fifteen, and your valuable hints on interviews helped me get what I wanted — the JOB.”

  • Dorothy, Epping, NSW

    “However experienced you are, you can always learn something new or refresh your approach. That’s what I got from Impressive Interviews training — an objective re-appraisal of how I should present myself and prepare for an interview. It focused my mind on how to achieve the key objective — convincing the prospective employer that you are what they are looking for. I got what I needed. Thank you!”
  • Matthew, WA

    “Thank you for your excellent work. I wanted to let you know that I was successful in the first stage of the application process — all thanks to your help! I’ve been invited to attend the second stage next month and couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for all of your wonderful work.”
  • Jo, ACT

    “I was looking to re-enter the workforce after a four year absence. My CV was out of date and I wanted to learn the latest trends in presenting an application.

    “Impressive Interviews provided me with a wonderful package. Deborah Barit is highly efficient and has extensive knowledge across a wide range of careers. My letter of introduction in particular was succinct and professional. I succeeded in being appointed to the first position I applied for!

    “The process was prompt and not at all time consuming. I now not only have gained employment but have a terrific CV and application package ready for future use. I happily recommend Impressive Interviews for anybody wishing to improve their presentation and application skills.”

  • David, Coogee, NSW

    “Deborah Barit assisted in the review of a new business proposal for a potential consulting assignment and the completion of my partner’s resumé for the proposal. Her review identified many insights and new perspectives into the structuring and clarity of writing for both the proposal and the resumé. Deborah has a great flair with words. We were able to significantly improve the positive tone of the proposal in a concise, powerful and effective manner.

    “Deborah is a professional who is customer focused, always met deadlines, an excellent listener and a creative writer. As a result of her assistance our company was successfully short-listed for this assignment.”

  • Toby, Randwick, NSW

    “Thanks to Impressive Interviews I was able to highlight the strengths of my varied professional career. Deborah streamlined my CV, edited application letters to focus on the main requirements and helped me prepare for the interview. I found Deborah’s assistance invaluable. Her interview preparation the research on each organisation and the insightful questions gave me the confidence to use my experience and skills to my advantage and even enjoy the interview process. I have no hesitation in recommending Impressive Interviews.”
  • Jocelyn, Epping, NSW

    “Impressive Interviews gave me the confidence to overcome my nerves at interview.

    “During the training I was asked a lot of difficult questions and so at the interview I was prepared for anything! I had already thought about the difficult questions and my responses.

    “My second interview resulted in a full-time job that I love. The training was about changing the way I responded to seemingly simple questions, it changed the way I thought about and approached interview situations. I would recommend this to anyone. Deborah is fantastic at putting herself into the employer’s shoes and understanding what they want. I would recommend this to anyone. I see training by Impressive Interviews as investing in your career.”

  • Sheryl, Killara, NSW

    “Please add me to your list of happy customers. Deborah was honest, upfront and professional. She has put me on the right path to finding that elusive job. My hope is now restored”.
  • Guy, Glebe, NSW

    “Deborah has brought out a fresh level of self confidence in me as well as a strong understanding of what employers think and want to know in an interview. Following Deborah’s training, I now convey positive and succinct messages to prospective employers and have just found a new job.”
  • Ann, Mosman, NSW

    “Deborah’s outlook is visionary, insightful and inspirational; yet her approach is considered, practical and down to earth. I couldn’t have been advised better.”