Group Training

Impressive Interviews offers a diverse range of group training programs to meet our client’s needs.

We cater for professionals, school leavers, new graduates and long-term unemployed, overseas medical practitioners the general community and businesses groups

We can design tailored group training programs for companies, government departments, educational institutions, hospitals, and employer/ employee associations.

For further information or to discuss your organisations needs please contact us

Programs Currently Available include:

Interview Training (small groups)

A short course to provide clients with a practical approach to interviews. How to present, what research to undertake, how to structure answers for different styles of questions, choosing examples to demonstrate skills and knowledge,  mock interviews, questions to expect, questions to ask and not to ask. This course can assist people looking for work, seeking promotion, migrants, those re-entering the workforce, new graduates or as part of an employer’s ‘goodwill’ exit package.

Information Session on How to Prepare for a Job Interview (general)

This session is designed to assist applicants to prepare for job interviews using a practical approach. The seminar will focus on the following areas:

  • Understanding the employer perspective and what they are looking for,
  • Developing a plan and the information you should keep for each job,
  • How to structure an answer for different styles of questions
  • How to choose and develop clear examples to demonstrate experience and suitability
  • Question time – 15 minutes

Duration 1.5 hours

Please see Events page for the next session in your location

Information Session for Doctors Preparing for Medical Specialty Interviews

This seminar is specifically designed for doctors intending to apply for medical specialty interviews in 2014.

This is an introductory session to provide each participant with a practical basis to plan and structure their approach to prepare for any surgical specialty interview.

The program will cover:

  • Developing an interview thinking process and plan.
  • Understanding the interview panel perspective.
  • How to structure an answer for direct, behavioural and scenario questions.
  • How to choose and develop clear examples to demonstrate experience, knowledge and suitability.
  • Question time – 15 minutes

Duration 1.5 hours

Please see Events page for the next session in your location

School Leaver — Preparing for Interviews (Maximum 6)

In this practical course each participant will learn how to assess and market their skills to prospective employers, learn to assess job advertisements — stated and implied skill requirements, develop appropriate presentation skills and body language and practice both phone and interview techniques using role plays (video option available).

Master Class – Interview Training for Medical Specialist Candidates

The Master Class is designed for doctors applying for entry into medical specialties who find interviews difficult because they are visual/practical learners. Most doctors seeking entry into surgical specialties learn through seeing and doing?

This new and innovative program using a specifically designed structure and technique is based on over 10 years experience successfully training doctors who are visual/practical learners for specialty interviews.

The Master Class will demonstrate how to integrate the core competencies required for specialty selection with the visual and practical learning styles and provide each participant with the skills to understand the panel perspective and answer multi-layered and nuanced questions.

The course is strictly limited to five participants

The Master Class will provide you with the skills to:

  • Prepare for specialty interview questions through a series of practical exercises using a visual tool.
  • Analyse questions and their components to be able to respond fully to questions.
  • Answer questions which require responses that integrate several core competencies within the one response.
  • Learn techniques on how to understand and answer questions without the assistance of visual cues.
  • Select and structure appropriate examples to demonstrate experience,  knowledge and suitability.

Who should attend

  • If you are a visual/practical learner who needs visual cues to respond to interview questions,
  • If you find it difficult to understand what the panel is looking for in your response
  • If you tend to waffle in your introduction to an answer,
  • If you find it difficult to stay on topic and sequence your answers,
  • If you find it difficult to answer behavioural questions where you need to use an example to demonstrate your knowledge or approach to a situation.
  • If you find it difficult to answer scenario questions which require assessing the situation from various perspectives,
  • If you find it difficult to integrate several core competencies required to answer a specific question such as scenario or behavioural questions.

Duration 4 hours

Preparing a Professional CV/Resumé (small groups)

A short course covers the fundamentals of preparing a professional resumé/CV and application letters. It also includes information on job search techniques and presentation skills. This course can assist people looking for work, changing jobs/careers, new graduates, migrants, people re-entering the workforce or as part of an employer’s ‘goodwill’ exit package.

Duration: 3 hours

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