Impressive Interviews – the Book!

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The book is written as a clear and concise guide to prepare a candidate for a job interview. It covers all the key aspects of preparing for interviews and provides a series of focussing exercises to complete.

It is designed to give the reader the option of reading the whole book or to focus on the areas they believe they need assistance with.

The topics covered include,

  • Thinking like an employer
  • Research techniques
  • Skills assessment
  • How to structure an answer
  • Questions to ask and not to ask at interview
  • Personal presentation

For more information you will need to read the book. As one candidate said “the book is doable”

as Reviewed in The Age

“Deborah Barit is an author, trainer and consultant specialising in preparing individuals and groups in interview techniques. Her recent book Impressive Interviews is an excellent introduction or refresher for those people wanting to develop their skills.

"It covers topics such as research techniques, how to answer questions, personal packaging, and questions to ask and not to ask. Barit shares her trade secret: that to be successful at interview you must think like an employer.

"An entire chapter on personal skills assessment using exercises ensures you have a good understanding of the job and your skills and experience. Barit advises the reader to highlight the gaps between experience and job requirements to give you the best chance of minimising those gaps.

"Readers will find a list of “great answers” to frequently asked interview questions but are encouraged not to memorise these answers. At the back of the book, you’ll find a quick summary of the book’s key points, which Barit recommends as a useful list to focus your mind prior to interview.

"The basics are all covered here – from handshakes to dress codes, from language to gender. The author does warn that if you usually get every job you go for or need to know the background behind interviewing, this may not be the book for you.

"Practical and uncomplicated, Impressive Interviews would be a useful resource for school, TAFE or university leavers, people re-entering the workforce and those workers who may be considering changing jobs but haven’t done so in a while."

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