Many candidates find Job interviews daunting.  Often not knowing or understanding what to expect or what employers are looking for. They view them as some kind of test where they are being judged and if unsuccessful see themselves as a failure. This is not what an interview is about.

An interview needs to be approached from the perspective of - this is a conversation with acquaintances to get to know each other better and see if they can work together.  It is not all one-sided, you too can say no.

At Impressive Interviews Coaching Sydney, we train applicants to prepare for their job interview carefully, to ensure that they have the best possible chance of securing their chosen role.

There are many things that you can do to make the interview process less stressful, and land that dream job. Here are some interview skills training tips.

  • Ask yourself why you are interested in this position as this is a very common question and as an employer, I am very interested in your response.
  • Start by thinking from the employer perspective - If I was the employer what are the skills and personal attributes I would be looking for?
  • What skills, experience, and personal attributes do I have that closely match the role specifications?
  • Research the company/organization - what are their products or services, their priorities, markets, who are their customers, their vision for the future and any recent news stories.
  • Think about what experience will clearly demonstrate your suitability for the job and note these down. There are common ones asked at interview  e.g. communication, working in a team or leading a team, problem-solving, managing  priorities,  conflict etc.- make sure you have some  examples ready
  • Choose your language carefully as what you say and what the interviewer understands must be the same. Do not use jargon or generic terminology unless it is role or industry specific.
  • Finally, dress for the job, not the interview. As a prospective employer, I want to be able to visualize you in the role.

When you consider these tips, you will be fully prepared for your job interview. For more information on our services, including medical interview training and general interview training Sydney regions and interstate contact us.