If this is the year you want to:

  • Find a new or your first job?
  • Return to the workforce?
  • Make a career change?

Then read how an employer thinks and what they expect at interview.

If you want my job then tell me what you can do for me.

  • Don't answer  questions in meaningless jargon,
  • Demonstrate in clear concise language using examples the benefits of employing you
  • Don't give me the outcome before you have told me the how you did it.
  • Explain what you learnt from your failures not focus just on your successes.
  • Give clear examples of your ability to achieve goals, deadlines, targets etc.
  • Don't come with memorised answers to questions I haven't asked yet
  • Understand what the organisation does 
  • Have some idea of your career goals and most importantly
  • If you want to ask questions at the end - make them relevant to me.

Remember: getting the job has to be of mutual benefit.

So take control and use the following tips to achieve interview success.

Be proactive in your  approach.

  • Start with your mind set - what does the employer want and how can I fulfil these requirements?
  • Avoid the most common mistakes candidates make - I just need a job or I just want/need an income - think positively and give reasons why you want my job.
  • List your skills, qualifications and attributes against the role requirements and assess how close you match the job requirements. Remember to include experience from voluntary work, and personal interests.
  • Write down clearly the benefits to the company of giving you the job - this is your unique selling point. Make sure to have examples to prove your points
  • Assess where the gaps are and what you will need to do to overcome these and are they significant to getting that job. Be realistic.
  • Do this preparation before they call you for an interview.

Remember: demonstrate the benefits to the employer of giving you the job.

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